Type Make Model Quantity Daily rate each
CameraSonyPXW-FS7 XDCAM Super 35mm3$250
CameraSonyPXW-Z100 XDCAM 4K1$200
CameraSonyPMW-200 XDCAM HD4223$125
MediaSony128GB XQD G Series memory cards10$15
MediaSonyUSB Adaptor for XQD memory cards4included w/rental
MediaSony64GB SXS memory card6$10
MediaSony32GB SXS memory card2$10
MediaSony16GB SXS memory card4included w/rental
PowerSonyBP-U90 battery1included w/rental
PowerSonyBP-U60 battery6included w/rental
PowerSonyBP-U30 battery6included w/rental
PowerSonyBC-U1 Charger4included w/rental
PowerSonyBC-U2 Charger2included w/rental
PowerSonyFS7 Extension Unit - V-Lock3$50
PowerSwitronixV-Lock battery for Sony FS712included w/rental
PowerSwitronixV-Lock charger3included w/rental
PowerWatsonWANPF975 battery (like SONY NP-F975) for PMW-2006included w/rental
PowerGoProBatteries for Hero520included w/rental
SupportSachtlerFSB8 with Fluid Head1$40
SupportSachtlerACE tripod2$20
SupportMonfotto4' Slider with tripod head1$40
SupportManfrottoDolly0included w/rental
LensesSigma150-600mm lens1$30
LensesCanon24-105mm lens2$50
LensesCanonEF 16-35mm 2.0L II USM2$50
LensesSonyZoom lens for FS72$50
LensesMetabonesEF Adapter2$40
LensesMetabonesEF Adapter Speed Booster1$50
MonitorIkanVX9e 8.9" HD-SDI LCD Monitor Deluxe Kit2$100
CameraGoProHero4 Black3$75
PowerGoProBattery charger2included w/rental
SupportGoProChesty chest mount harness1$5
SupportGoProJaws clamp mount (ACMPM-001)2$5
SupportGoProGoPro Suction Cup2$5
SupportJobyGorillaPod Action Tripod with Mount for GoPro Camera1$5
SupportDigipowerQuikpod Extreme GoPro Monopod (TP-QPXT)3$5
CameraDJIMatrice 600 Pro1Contact for Details
FilterHoya72MM PRO1D CPOL DMC Lens Filter3$2
FilterHoya72MM PRO1D UC DMC Lens Filter3$2


Type Make Model Quantity Daily rate each
MicrophoneRodeVideoMic Pro3$25
WindscreenRycoteSuper-Shield Kit2$25
BoomGenericBoom pole - short1$10
BoomGenericBoom pole - long1$10
BlanketGeneric6' x 4' sound blanket12$5
MixerDigiCoS31 Mixer with stage rack1$150
MonitorQSCK10 Monitor10$35
StandK&M(210/6) Tall Mic Stand with Boom12$5
StandK&M(259/6) Short Mic Stand with Boom12$5
MicrophoneShureSM58 Microphone8$5
MicrophoneShureSM57 Microphone6$5
MicrophoneShureBeta 91 Microphone1$5
MicrophoneShureSM81 Microphone3$5
MicrophoneSennheiser904 Microphone4$5
MicrophoneSennheiser906 Microphone2$5
Passive DIRadialJDI Direct Box8$5


Type Make Model Quantity Daily rate each
LightingArriLight Kit - 750x1, 650x1, 300x2, Chimera1$90
LightingKinoFlo kit ( 1 X 4-Bank, 2' + 2 X 2-Bank, 2')1$50
LightingLightpanelsKit (4 x 1'x 1' LED panels)1$50
LightingLowelKIT (2X Blender LED + 1X I-light)1$30
LightingLitepanelsHoneycomb Grid 90°2$30
LightingLitepanelsHoneycomb Grid 45°2$20
LightingChimeraPancake Lantern2$50
LightingLowelRifa Lite - Soft Box1$50


Type Make Model Quantity Daily rate each
PowerCam-Lok100A Switched Disconnects2TBD
Power Uground wallpower every 10' on ceiling, walls included w/rental